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2016 Adventures
Hiking Buddy

My hiking buddy for a terrific trip to Death Valley with geographical and geological amazements, and plenty of hiking and scrambling.

Badwater Basin

Badwater Basin — lowest point. Salt crystals. Yes, they did taste like salt.

 Desolation Canyon

Desolation Canyon — lots of rock scrambling, but then great views. We wore gloves everywhere we hiked.

Borax 20-Mule Train

Borax 20-Mule Train — fascinating stories of those hauls.

4-point Crawl

Sometimes 4-point crawling/climbing — whatever got us up!

Ziplining Buddies

My buddies for adventure at Stoney Creek Ziplining in Seward, Alaska.

Swing Bridge

Ziplining wasn't all: a swinging bridge, too.


And, THAT wasn't all: rappelling off of several platforms. Once I realized I really was safe, and wouldn't plummet to the ground in one second, I thought it was fun.