Elmer Gaede (Dad) built a hangar in 1967. In 1985, another hangar was purchased from Dr. Paul Isaak and reassembled. Eventually, the first hangar became a hazard, It was taken down in 2008. The experience was not unlike an archeological dig with exclamations among siblings of, "Oh! Remember when..."

In the process, 15 old batteries, tires, petrified rocks, Blazo boxes, bent airplane propeller, old toboggan, kerosene lamps, freeze-dry food, assorted medical equipment, stacks of corrugated tin, and other discoveries were made; and subsequently there was much story-telling and laughter.


Pick-up in the Old Hangar (1999)

Old Hangar

Taking down the Old Hangar (1999)

Super Cub

Mark's Super Cub on the Remaining Hangar Pad (1999)

Old Barrels

Naomi Cleaning up a Forest of Old 55-gallon Oil Drums (1999)

The concrete pad of the original hangar was still useable, so in 2020, Mark decided to rebuild a hangar on that clean surface. (The second hangar had a dirt/silt/sand floor and to walk on it with wet boots or drive on it with damp tires was like rolling fried chicken in flour before cooking.)

New Hangar