From Kansas Wheat Fields to Alaska Tundra:
A Mennonite Family Finds Home

A Mennonite Family Finds Home

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About the Book

Naomi has moved twenty-three times and currently lives on Wanderlust Way. She understands the restless search to find "home" and how adapting skills develop over the years. This theme runs throughout her book which introduces the Gaede family as they leave their Mennonite roots in Kansas, drive up the Alcan Highway, and, in their various ways, adapt and thrive in the Alaska territory. It is told in Naomi's voice, yet includes the perspectives of her father, mother, and three younger siblings. Children in families of missionaries, military personnel, diplomats, and/or frequently re-locating families will identify with Naomi.

Takes Place In

This book takes place in Kansas City (1955), Anchorage, AK (1955-1957), Tanana, AK (1957-1959), Browning, MT (1959-1960), Tulare, CA (1960-1961), and Soldotna, AK (1961-1964).

Inside the Book

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  • Chp 1 — The Making of a Homesteader
  • Chp 2 — We're Not in Kansas Any More
  • Chp 3 — In the Bush
  • Chp 4 — Blowin' in the Wind
  • Chp 5 — Fantasy Land
  • Chp 6 — The Cold House
  • Chp 7 — Homesteading Takes Root
  • Chp 8 — Introducing Visitors to Homestead Life
  • Chp 9 — Just the Beginning